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Everyone can win!
Nokia's "Snake" started an age in which anybody can play mobile games. PonPonSnake now recreates classics with 3D technology & stunning visuals.
scattered around!
Big rewards for a tiny cost. We're giving away 270 Million ERNCs! The winner will be able to dominate the PonPonSnake universe.
PonPonSnake Rider going wild!
Utility PPSR is tradeable on OpenSea. Own and receive SRC every day. We are developing the most expensive PPSR in the largest NFT market.
The one who owns a PPSR will be claimed as a “Seignior”. These people will have special powers that can rule over PonPonSnake Universe.
Privilege A
Each day the seignior will be able to receive SRC income.
Privilege B
The seignior will have the power to decide the rental fee of the NFT they own.
Privilege C
The seignior will effect the economic system of PonPonSnake universe.
Legendary Rider
Spirit Snake Rider
Snake Rider
Iron Snake Rider
Snake Train
Iron Snake
PPS Riders NFT
PonPonSnake NFT can be used in battles, these NFT comes in different appearance, style and level. They can be obtained by bidding on Marketplace. Once you own these NFT, you will become the “Holder”, and will have the right to rent out your NFT for SRC.
NFT Marketplace
The improvement of the Itza world relies on creative researchers. These researchers are far smarter than Itzans, such as Leonardo da Vinci and Tesla, they bring revolution to the world. The greatest researchers will be referred to as "Doctorates", and they will have the knowledge and capacity to transform the world.
Privilege A
Privilege A Earn royalties from players through constructing airships or items.
Privilege B
Control the market price of materials.
Privilege C
Dominant Guilds and the whole Community.
Weapon Blueprint
Airship Blueprint
Item Blueprint
There are still areas of the abyss that no Itzans have explored. "Landlords" are the dignitaries who occupy these lands. They will be the most powerful overlords and will be able to control everything in the abyss.
Privilege A
The Landlord will control all of the land's income.
Privilege B
The Landlord will have an impact on the market price of land.
Privilege C
The Landlord will be able to hire level designers to develop their land.
Snake God Emerge
Level Editor
Customize Monster
SRC (Snake Rider Coin)
SRC Origin
When the "Knight Union" first released SRC, it was a badge that represented a great symbol of honor. Whoever owns the most SRC has made the greatest contribution to the world. SRC has been prevalent for hundreds of years, and people have begun to forget why they were awarded the honor in the first place.
How to Recharge?
Token Recharge (ERNC/ETH/USDT)
  • 1. Buy from PonPonSnake marketplace
  • 2. In-Game Purchase (Purchase in APP) Marketplace Ratio 1(TWD) : 0.5(SRC)
  • Buy in Marketplace
    How to Swap?
    MetaMask Swap (SRC/ERNC/USDT)
  • 1. Our marketplace will have a page for SRC Swap.
  • 2. Players may make SRC by renting their NFT and swapping them into USDT.
  • Swap Now